Ditches Unlimited Inc.

"If they say it can't be done, call us!"

Full-service excavating company with experience in road construction, utilities, water shed, demolition, erosion control, road obliteration, hazardous materials clean up, subsurface drainage, soil stabilization, hauling, slope stabilization, grading, and environmental remediation.

 Ditches Unlimited Inc. blends the residential and commercial construction experience,  site preparation experience of Arvistis (RV) Mckinnie. We offer excellent quality workmanship with competitive pricing to make every project in which we participate a successful venture. We focus on principle experience with municipalities in the Idaho Panhandle, community system (water, sewer etc.) administrators and individual accounts to ensure a professional and timely service tailored to our clients requirements.

 Our experiences range from construction and development of individual custom homes projects to commercial and residential foundation and site preparation, municipal water and sewer line installation and repair and includes shoreline stabilization using manufactured and natural materials and residential utility installation.

Our standard company practice of complete preparation, conscientious execution and timely completion sets us apart from many and elevates us to a professional standard that is expected by our clientele and achieved by few.